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Fleet Maintenance, Management Software 06-11 1.0

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Fleet Maintenance, Management Software 06-11
Fleet Maintenance Software for full controlFeatures in multi user local network system. Extra modules included: Employees, Daily Accounting, read only modules, Password programming module. Extra modules available at extra cost: Multiple Income, multiple expenses, Multiple payments, Shop with invoicing, suppliers, clients, inventory, etcFeatures in multi user local network system and one computer system. All modules produce advanced reports. Automatic maintenance control with inclusion of mileage and cost of repair. Vehicle Maintenance by dates with expiry alarms. Future maintenance reports by mileage or date. Total mileage for every shift of each vehicle. Mileage calculator. Expiry date alarms for important dates, insurances, checks,etc. Expiry date alarms for driver licenses. Accounts for driver debts, loans or credits. History of permanent and temporal drivers. Advanced maintenance monitor with audio visual alarms. Inspection records of vehicles, different dates. Maintenance cost accounting, 35 fields in total, reports by vehicle, by field, by date or by owner. Maintenance orders. Provision to access program over the Internet. Entry to GPS software program directly from software. Record of days when vehicles have worked, days inactive, days crashed. History of tires, purchase and discard dates, values, maintenance, etc. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly income - expense reports to vehicle owners. Accidents History. Security of all records. Deletions with password. Programmable in network system.. Reports with personalized title in Access, Word, Excel o Acrobat pdf. Graphic interface, easy to understand and use. Built in help in every module. Service includes installation assistance, yearly free updates, continuous support, upgrade program to higher number of vehicles. Unique database restoration for added security. Additional system available for keeping backup in USB memory device. Visit our website
Windows, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Business x64
Fleet Maintenance, Management Software 06-11
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Author: TWG Systems
License: Shareware
File Size: 2.3 MB
Downloads: 17

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